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2 Days Instructor-led

Learn to apply Agile practices in downstream IT operations: infrastructure, hardware, and IT services.

In the quest for end-to-end value and the rise of infrastructure-as-a-service, agile practices are increasingly applicable to traditional hardware roles. Downstream operations also sorely need the political cover and WiP techniques promoted by agility.

You can’t talk about Agile infrastructure without talking about DevOps – the professional movement which is both a reaction to and an expansion of Agile success in software engineering. As agility increases speed and quality with which development teams produce features and products, it creates challenges for other departments tasked with deploying and maintaining them. DevOps and agile transformations are the keys to bridging these organizational gaps, bringing agility to areas of IT beyond the development shop, and resolving bottlenecks and handoff challenges in the downstream technology value chain.