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Learn how to implement Agile practices with Azure DevOps to optimize your workflows.

Azure DevOps is a suite of related tools that allows software teams to track work, manage code, run builds, deploy applications, and manage tests. It’s a centralized, complete, and seamlessly integrated set of tools that can be used for nearly any software project.

In this dynamic and interactive course, attendees learn the basics of Azure DevOps as well as understand the configurations available on an Agile board. All participants will have hands-on exercises and gain the knowledge and skills to successfully work in Azure DevOps.  This is a highly interactive course that incorporates Agile concepts leading to an Azure DevOps demonstration, and then a brief hands-on exercise for each participant.

In this one-day class you’ll learn:

  • Use Azure Boards to plan, track, and discuss work across your teams
  • Improve your Agile team’s performance
  • Implement Scrum practices with Azure DevOps
  • Create and refine your product backlog
  • Create and run queries
  • Design and configure Dashboards

Course Outline:

Part 1: Getting Started

  1. Introductions
  2. Course Goal
  3. Team Agreement

Part 2: Azure DevOps Overview

  1. Hierarchy
  2. List
  3. Board
  4. Backlog
  5. Work items

Part 9: Agile & Scrum Review

  1. Manifesto
  2. Principle
  3. Scrum Overview

Part 4: Accessing Azure DevOps

  1. Login In
  2. Navigation

Part 5: Managing Iterations

  1. Configure the time box iteration
  2. Setting interaction goal
  3. Configure Team Capacity

Part 6: Backlog Hierarchy

  1. Product backlog
  2. Attributes
  3. Epics,Feature, Stories
  4. Managing Work Item
  5. Adding Stories
  6. Link Epics to Feature to Stories to Tasks
  7. Prioritization guide line
  8. Adding Priority
  9. Estimating Guidelines
  10. Add Estimates
  11. Task Breakdown
  12. Adding Task
  13. Adding PBI’s to Iterations
  14. Blocking Tasks
  15. Kanban Overview

Part 7: Queries

  1. Creating Queries
  2. Running Queries

Part 8: Wikis

  1. Creating
  2. Editing

Part 9: Dashboards

  1. Configure Widgets
  2. Creating the Dashboard