Facilitating the Agile Culture Change (ICP-AHR)

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The success of the Agile Manifesto and values in the software development arena and across IT has raised the possibility of applying the principles and concepts more broadly. In this course, the participants explore concepts and strategies to apply Agile across the organization.

Elements include organizational structure, leadership, jobs, roles and careers, re-engaging and empowering the workforce and the critical role of Human Resources in the transformation of a culture that values agility. You will learn methods for realigning your own organization for Agility and creating new ways to work. The course will also cover how leaders create an Agile organization.

In this 2-day class you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to assess your organization’s competitive position.
  • Discuss strategies to develop a growth mindset.
  • Explore the concept of servant leadership and Agile mindset whereby organizations empower leadership throughout the workforce to achieve sustainable success.
  • Learn data-driven approaches to developing, retaining and recruiting the right people for your agile organization.
  • Explore the benefits of analyzing team dynamics through the use of personality assessments. Realize how such knowledge will improve communication, productivity, and trust.
  • Review several trends that will enhance employee recruitment and retention.
  • Look at HR from differing perspectives in helping an organization develop an Agile culture.
  • Uncover strategies to improve the interviewing and onboarding process to improve new employee productivity and satisfaction with the organization.
  • Complete an Agile Organization canvas to share with your manager and colleagues.

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