Fundamentals of Secure Application Development

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2 Days Instructor-led

Application developers often aren’t trained in security, yet the vast majority of breaches are related to the application layer. Learn secure development best practices that keep software safe.

The vast majority of hacks are not due to insecure networks or misconfigured firewalls; they are a result of common software flaws that get coded into applications. Even with good information security policy and staff, the reality is that software developers are often underserved when it comes to security strategy. If their applications get built without attention to good software security practices, the risk gets passed downstream and by the time an incident occurs, it’s too late to be proactive.

From proactive requirements to coding and testing, this information security training course covers the best practices any software developer needs to avoid opening up their users, customers, and organization to attack at the application layer. We teach only constantly updated best practices, and our experts answer your questions live in class. Return to work ready to build higher quality, more robustly protected applications.

In this 2-day class you’ll learn:

  • Understand assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks
  • Gather and understand security requirements
  • Design secure software
  • Write secure code
  • Test your software for security
  • Release & operate secure software

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