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This course covers setting up continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) for your projects. It starts with a round-robin discussion of where your team is at with CI/CD today. It then focuses on what is CI/CD, why it should be used, and how to implement within GitLab. This class includes live demonstrations of the use of GitLab.

GitLab CI/CD Training covers some features that are available in all three GitLab pricing tiers (Free, Premium, and Ultimate), some features that are only available in Premium and Ultimate, and a small number of features that are only available in Ultimate.

In this one-day class you’ll learn:

  • How to accurately describe CI/CD
  • How runners work
  • To set up and configure CI/CD and runners
  • To verify a new feature
  • Scope and persist variables at various levels
  • Scaffold out the basics of a test, build, review, and deploy pipeline leveraging feature/topic branching as the review mechanism
  • Release and deployment workflow
  • Artifacts and dependency caching
  • Building and deploying images to GitLab registry
  • Student choice between static application security scanning and code quality scanning

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.