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For project, program and product managers, this class teaches how to plan and manage product or project portfolios enabled by GitLab to help enterprise teams effectively leverage GitLab for more successful application outcome.

This class is designed to provide users with an introduction to GitLab’s Plan stage – where users can manage software products or other projects using issues. It focuses on the various tools available, including issues, epics, milestones, burndown charts, kanban boards, and agile portfolio management tools.

GitLab for Project Managers covers some features that are available in all three GitLab pricing tiers (Free, Premium, and Ultimate), some features that are only available in Premium and Ultimate, and a small number of features that are only available in Ultimate.

In this one-day class you’ll learn:

  • Set up projects by creating issues, labels, milestones, and groups
  • Use common enterprise planning constructs like epics, burndown charts, Kanban boards, and agile portfolio management tools
  • Manage projects using GitLab boards, epics, and roadmaps
  • Tie CI/CD pipelines to GitLab project management tools
  • Measure and monitor application workflow using GitLab
  • Use GitLab to develop portfolio plans
  • Leverage GitLab features like triggers, dependencies, and parallels for more effective project and product management

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