Transitioning from Projects to Products

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Help transform your organization’s way of thinking from a “Project” mindset to a “Product” one, and unlock your Agile potential!

As more and more companies progress along their paths to digital transformation and embracing agility, there is a common pattern of obstacles that continue to present themselves. Many of these obstacles revolve around the legacy structure of a project and how the business is instrumented to plan, fund, and manage in a legacy project model.

In this one-day training, we seek to understand and eliminate these obstacles by helping organizations rearchitect their ways of working away from “project thinking” to “product thinking.” As part of this, we’ll take a deep dive into how “work” is defined, prioritized, and funded. In fact, we won’t call it “work” anymore as we shift our focus from what jobs we have to do to what outcomes and impacts we wish to deliver for our customers, our market, and our business.

This training provides an overview of Project to Product and then digs into six core areas of focus:

  • Product Development Lifecycle (Process), Product-Based Approach, Mean-Time to Pivot (MTTP)
  • Persistent Product Teams and Total Product Ownership
  • Planning and Product Horizons
  • Product-Based Funding
  • From Project Management to Product Management
  • Measuring Value Delivered to Customers, the Market, and the Business

In this one-day class you’ll learn:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Project to Product and why this transition is critical to agility
  • Understand how planning horizons and methods shift in the product-space
  • Appreciate the concept of total product ownership and the necessity for product management people and skills
  • Differentiate between fixed-scope / variable date & cost planning versus fixed-date & cost / variable scope planning
  • Learn the basics of Product-Based funding
  • Learn techniques for measuring outcomes and value with product-based funding

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