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This 3-day instructor-led course will teach how to use the foundational tools in Alteryx Designer. This course is designed for individuals with little or no Alteryx Designer experience who are looking to learn and understand how to use Alteryx. This comprehensive Alteryx training course will cover all the basic building blocks needed to create data preparation and automation workflows.

We’ll start by teaching the basics: reading, writing, exploring, and cleansing your data. From there, the course covers how to create various filters and calculations. After you know the basics of building a workflow, it will be time to learn how to combine multiple data streams together with joins, unions, and appends. Next, you will learn how to pivot your data set, as well as best practices for documenting and organizing your workflow. We round out the course with some tips for navigating the online Alteryx Community.

Along the way, you’ll be guided through the content with a coach, as well as have one-on-one time with them for additional opportunities to ask questions and maximize your learning. After the training sessions are complete, you’ll still retain access to the Data Coach platform, and its comprehensive lessons, for a period to keep practicing. These include step-by-step written instructions, GIF images, and video.

Please contact us for a complete course outline.