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Protect your application from malicious attacks from the start with Snyk a software intelligence product designed to help you find security vulnerabilities in your products.  Security is one of the major pillars of your application, without this pillar, the chances of your application crumbling are high. The reason to focus more on security right from the earliest stages is simple: in order to stay secure, you need to get security right every time. However, attackers on the other hand need to get an attack right only once to succeed.

When you first build your application, you might think security isn’t of high importance. “My application’s at an infant stage. There’s nothing any malicious actors would be interested in. I’ll consider security when I scale the application,” you might tell yourself.

If you have this thought, you’re not the first. But think some more about it. Malicious actors are patient. They could install backdoors in your application or create a zero-day vulnerability when your application lacks security. They could even wait for years and then exploit it when you have a lot to lose. Are you willing to take that risk? Well, you shouldn’t.

Security issues in applications happen for two main reasons:

  • Security loopholes in the logic of the application
  • Insecure code implementation
  • Snyk is a security intelligence product that helps you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your application. This course helps you become familiar with Snyk so you can learn to use it to meet your security needs

In this 2-day class you’ll Learn:

  • Install Snyk CLI using npm, Homebrew, or Scoop
  • Run the vulnerability checks
  • Fix vulnerabilities with high severity by creating manual pull/merge requests
  • Run analysis on code using Snyk’s JetBrains IDE plugin
  • Use Snyk container CLI to test Docker container images
  • Scan Kubernetes configuration files, and fix the security issues
  • Create a high-severity license policy by adding severity, description, and instructions
  • Configure Snyk notifications to send regular reports

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.