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The saying goes that software is eating the world, but nowadays it looks like DevOps is eating the world. DevOps is in everyone’s mouth and implementing its practices has become a key for organizations that would like to improve their software delivery chain.

There are many ways to implement DevOps practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure as code. But Azure has a service offering called Azure DevOps that integrates well not just with Azure, but with other tools, public clouds, and even private clouds.

Building one-click deployments are possible thanks to tools like Azure DevOps. Setting up the environment that integrates with your code might take some time. But once you do it, the benefits are worth it. And you’ll always be improving the process once the machinery is working.

This is a hands-on boot camp specific to Azure technologies where you’ll be able to put in practice everything you learn. In each lab, the instructor will explain the core concepts that you’ll need to complete a lab. Then, after you’ve watched the instructor doing the lab, you’ll go by your own by following the guide. At the end of the boot camp, there’s an exercise with Docker containers and Kubernetes. Even if you don’t know anything about these technologies, the idea is that you can experiment with how you can build a modern CI/CD pipeline in Azure.

In Azure DevOps Training Course, You Will:

  • Get a Comprehensive Overview of Azure DevOps Services
  • Lean Core Concepts for Building Pipelines Using Azure
  • Create a Build Pipeline Using the UI, YAML, and Git
  • Lean How to Automate Testing for the Enterprise Workloads
  • Integrate Azure Pipelines With ARM Templates
  • Create a CI/CD Pipeline With Docker and Kubernetes

This course is also available on our public schedule via Live Virtual Classroom:

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