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Course Description:

This 5-day Mobile Applications Development training course is focused on helping existing developers transition to the world of Mobile Application Development.  Take what you already know about programming, and learn how it applies to the new environment of Mobile Applications.  You will learn how to leverage your existing knowledge to build powerful, professional mobile applications. Start by defining and understanding the differences between Mobile Apps, Web Apps, OS Apps, Native Mobile Apps, and plain old Web Sites, and then progress through the all of phases involved in developing efficient and successful mobile applications.

This training class is focused on developers interested in mobile development who are ready to update their skills, and project managers looking to understand mobile technologies including HTML5 based mobile web frameworks, JQuery and competing Mobile Development frameworks.

This course introduces general concepts, and then focuses on hands-on labs to reinforce the concepts.  You will have the opportunity to build several projects and then test your code with your own mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows 8/RT).  As you test the current state of Mobile Development you will also learn how to plan for and incorporate future capabilities and upgrades.  The class teaches the keys to building successful applications, simplicity and “keeping the mind in mind”, while emphasizing benefits and minimizing weaknesses.

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