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The churn of technology evolution, its impact on teams, and its sweeping effects on behavior in a complex enterprise – getting change management right is a critical ingredient for digitally-enabled progress. Our senior technology coaches guide your teams through a detailed set of practices for staying relevant, innovative, and successful.

Most change management programs focus on existing theories of organizational development. Efforts typically tie change initiatives to plans, programs, and process stages. Cultural and human factors probably focus on “overcoming resistance” to change, but without addressing many practical details. Other human factors rely on conventional assumptions or aren’t addressed at all.

These frameworks aren’t wrong; they’re just incomplete. Our transformation coaches present a bolder, more comprehensive vision of how to sustain and manage change on your teams. You’ll start by immediately challenging the fundamental assumption that any organization can be treated as an orderly, predictable “machine” in which outcomes are successfully designed, planned for, and implemented. Instead, we present a model of the organization as a Complex Adaptive System (CAS). In a CAS, human factors, business processes, and technology assets are thoroughly entangled – and many of the outcomes we need to rely on interactions between them. In technology-enabled organizations these interactions aren’t always predictable – and change management practices must adapt.

Drawing on our deep experience coaching clients through digital transformation, this class guides you through the details of how to manage change in the face of complex technology landscapes. Learn to align enterprise change management and technology workforce. Learn to leverage digital capabilities such as agility, software-driven value, advanced analytics, and high-level automation. Navigate the personalities and professional movements which underpin digital success. Above all, learn to reduce risk and increase the speed of change while building a sustainable foundation of continuous improvement.

In This Change Management Training Course, You Will: 

  • Link your existing change management practices to digital transformation strategies
  • Operate within a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) in a way that cultivates positive change
  • Leverage digital-first strategies such as software-driven value, infrastructure equity, advanced analytics, and intelligence layers
  • Use talent management techniques for cultivating the digital teams that drive your changes
  • Anticipate common challenges to successfully navigating “digital” change
  • Dispel common myths about digital transformation
  • Identify and navigate the key areas of technology capability that enable transformative change
  • Begin defining your organization’s Kata – fundamental, repeatable behaviors which build a foundation for intentional change
  • Develop your framework for intentional, directed continuous improvement
  • Develop true empathy with stakeholders, and relate change efforts to their incentives

This course is available on our public schedule via Live Virtual Classroom:

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