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In this one-day course managers will learn how to effectively manage the changes that occur in their organizations.  They will understand what causes resistance and how to deal with both individual and group resistance. They will know how to help employees better manage the workplace changes they face.  Managers will acquire skills for managing both personal and professional change and will add to their tools for successfully encouraging, implementing, and managing organizational change.


  • Define the types of changes that affect individuals and organizations
  • Define the types of changes that affect organizations
  • Understand the reasons employees resist change and identify specific strategies for working with the resistance and minimizing its impact in the workplace
  • Implement a plan to help themselves and their employees more readily accept impending change and approach changes with a positive outlook
  • Utilize a range of skills and behaviors that will help individuals adapt to change more effectively
  • Examine the implications of organizational change at all levels of the organization
  • Apply strategies for minimizing the “people casualties” that often accompany change
  • Display proactive versus reactive manners to change for personal, professional, and organizational development