Communicating Your Science, Data, and Complex Information

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Your data, findings, and complex information have impact only if people understand what you’re trying to convey. This workshop shares strategies for presenting your content so key audiences and stakeholders—leaders, staff, peers, providers, beneficiaries, policy makers, legislators, members of the community, or any other group—can absorb and act upon it.

Our foundation for translating your science and data into audience-driven communication is the SCOPE Communication Model. This model and additional planning tools will allow you to clearly define your audience, your communication goals, and the best way to structure your message—whether in writing or in a presentation.

This workshop covers critical content in three competencies:

  1. Distill content into clear messages aimed at specific audiences using plain, accessible language.
  2. Use a conversational tone and storytelling to translate complex information into other media, such as conversations, blog posts, and newsletter articles stakeholders.
  3. Deliver crisp, focused, and lean presentations to leaders and to other stakeholders

Course Attendees: If you’re able, please bring sample documents to allow you to complete hands-on exercises. If these documents are confidential, they need not be shared.