Dynamic Public Speaking with SCOPE

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Most Americans are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death, financial ruin, heights, and spiders. Yet, the ability to be a dynamic public speaker is rated among the top three skills for attaining professional success. Yet many of us worry most about how we sound and look instead of focusing on the message and how it is organized.

In this course, attendees will learn to address each of the “tripod legs” of exceptional public speaking: content that leads with the key messages well-designed media, and confident delivery. In fact, for many people who struggle with speaking confidently, the disconnect is based more on a disorganized message than on the speaking portion itself. This course puts equal emphasis on the message, the messenger, and the media.

Specific course objectives for “Dynamic Public Speaking” include:

  • Use the SCOPE Model to ensure you lead with your key ideas and present a well-organized message.
  • Use the 4Ps and deliver the fundamental elements to elevate your presentation.
  • Manage speaker’s fear using physical and psychological techniques.
  • Learn and select from several presentation formats.
  • Learn to project and to enunciate with confidence.
  • Hone rapport-building skills to help engage the audience.
  • Incorporate relevant storytelling to increase the audience’s understanding and emotional connection.
  • Use visual aids intelligently and purposefully for the most impact.
  • Develop goals to activate and to reinforce the training.

(Recommended length: 1-3 days)