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Course Description

Polish and refine your virtual speaking with the important skills and strategies you’ll learn in this workshop. Attendees will learn how to design, craft, and deliver targeted, dynamic presentations in a virtual environment using the “tripod of speaking.” The tripod emphasizes the need to consider not just how you deliver the message, but also how you plan for and develop it and how you interact with the audience during the presentation. Additionally, this workshop will help attendees master the virtual setting—including where to sit, how to manage eye contact, how to handle lighting, and more.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the Speaker’s Tripod and adopt planning tools to ensure you have a clear goal and an udnerstanding of the audience each time you present.
  • Condense your message into a broad-level overview and a few key concepts so that the audience receives “the bottom line up front.”
  • Consider and intentionally develop your professional presence, including your on-camera presence and how to improve it.
  • Practice handling tough questions, distractions, and interruptions.
  • Use anecdotes, examples, testimony, and other engagement and influence strategies to strengthen your message and connect with your audience.

Course Length:  1 day