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4 Days Instructor-led

User Experience is continuing to grow as a field and the individual disciplines are maturing, but integrating UX best practices continues to be a struggle within large enterprises. Creating cohesive UX strategies across lines of business and delivering high-quality experiences across channels and internal tools have a unique set of challenges.

This UX and UI design course will discuss the core challenges of practicing UX within a large enterprise and give hands-on practice adapting traditional UX practices to be most effective.

In this 4-day class you’ll learn:

  • What key considerations you should take before practicing UX in a large retail enterprise
  • How to Focus on understanding end-users
  • Craft visuals, workflow, and content to support holistic experiences
  • Plan project kickoff meetings to build trust and set the tone for projects
  • How to develop an enterprise¬†UX strategy blueprint
  • How to choose the right research approach
  • How to turn research insights into concepts
  • When to go mobile and why

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