Establishing and Maintaining a BA Center of Excellence (BACOE)

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Many companies today are realizing the benefits of a streamlined and efficient Requirements Engineering process. Project problems have plagued companies worldwide for decades. Many projects are over budget, behind schedule and implemented with poor quality. As companies struggle to figure out why, many have discovered a consistent trend: Projects struggle or fail because of poorly defined and misunderstood requirements. As companies continue to improve their project delivery processes, many are focusing on improving Requirements Engineering activities and adding more Business Analysts.

Business Analysis Centers of Excellence are emerging as a vital strategic asset to implement and manage best practices within an organization to elicit, analyze, validate and document requirements. With the number of Business Analysts increasing, so is the potential for inconsistency and poor requirements quality. Companies might be faced with questions such as: How can Requirements Engineering be streamlined and implemented consistently? How will Business Analysts be coached, trained, and mentored? How will Business Analysts know which process to follow and which templates to use? How will executive management know that the increased focus on Requirements Engineering is having the positive effect on project delivery they were hoping for? The answer to all of these questions is the same: The Business Analyst Center of Excellence. The creation of a BACOE is an indication that the organization is ready for a higher level of requirements engineering maturity, which will overall decrease the risk of projects that end up over budget, behind schedule and are of poor quality. Please join us to learn more!

  • Save time and money on your projects while improving quality and customer satisfaction.
  • How an effective Business Analyst Center of Excellence impacts the bottom line of an organization.
  • Look at an industry leading, best-practice Business Analyst Center of Excellence and receive numerous creative tips and tricks for implementing one.
  • Market and sell the benefits of the Business Analyst Center of Excellence and Requirements Engineering within your organization.
  • Create Business Analyst ‘All-Stars’ who are highly motivated to consistently deliver success on projects at all times.
  • Identify the different roles and skill sets needed to effectively create and sustain an effective BACOE.
  • Identify training needs for each Business Analyst so they stay in tune with industry best practices and continuously improve their skill set.
  • Effectively manage organizational change. It’s not easy. We’ll give you tricks to do it better than ever.
  • Effectively manage stakeholder expectations. Keep them as happy as possible, as much as possible. No more misunderstandings or surprises.
  • Establish mechanisms for ongoing process improvement, and how to build lessons learned into the BACOE.

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