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Enhance your teams ability to build better software with this 3 day Gradle Boot Camp

Gradle Enterprise is a commercial solution from Gradle that’s designed for enterprises that need to manage and monitor builds at scale. Additionally, it offers several advanced features that make it easier for software development teams to work together on software builds. It supports Gradle-, Maven-, and Bazel-based builds.  Below are the key features:

  • build caching
  • automatic build scans
  • dependency management
  • build monitoring and reporting
  • collaboration tools

It also provides workflow and visibility improvements, like tracking build history, finding dependencies, and identifying bottlenecks in your build processes. With its search feature, you can easily access information about any object in your build, including source code and configuration files.

This intensive three-day Gradle Enterprise Boot Camp is for teams wanting to collaborate better and developers looking to improve their Gradle builds. It aims to teach individual developers how to use Gradle Enterprise and improve their CI build issues and speed. It will give attendees a strong foundation in Gradle Enterprise and how to apply it to real-world build scenarios.

After attending this Gradle Enterprise Boot Camp, you’ll be able to

  • Understand how Gradle Enterprise can improve your CI build issues by resolving speed and team collaboration
  • Use Gradle Enterprise to manage dependencies, track build history, and identify bottlenecks in your builds
  • Apply advanced features like build caching, dependency management, and reporting to your Gradle builds
  • Work effectively with other team members to implement new features and improve the quality of your software projects.

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