How to Stay Positive and Overcome Negativity

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Description: This workshop provides a positive, high-energy experience that encourages participants to uncover and apply their own inner resources. Staff members learn seven strategies to develop and keep a positive mindset in the face of everyday concerns and major events. They also learn how to turn themselves around when they are discouraged by work and personal situations. They learn how to motivate themselves, how to build and maintain resilience, and how to appreciate others. Participants leave the workshop feeling inspired, renewed, and ready to achieve their goals.


  • Know seven strategies for cultivating your positive energy.
  • Be able to use self-motivation tools to have a great day every day.
  • Know how to be calm, kind, and clear.
  • Know how to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Know how to replace habits of negative thinking with positive ones.

Time: 1 Day

Course Outline

Opening – Discussion

  • What do positive people do to cultivate a positive outlook?
  • What can get in the way of doing these things?
  • How can you change habits that keep you from being positive?

Seven Strategies to Stay Positive and Achieve Your Goals

  1. Positive Self-Talks/Positive Focus/Optimism
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Visualization
  4. Affirmations
  5. Positive Energy
  6. Appreciation
  7. Self-Motivation

Building Habits of Positive Thought and Action

  • Resilience
  • Changing Habits That No Longer Work

Summary – Action Plan/Next Steps