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We all have smartphones, and it’s hard to believe our smartphone knows us better than our family or friends because of all the information we store in it. Have you ever wondered how GPS sensors devices came to our smartphone? How about sensor devices at home or work?

The number of connected devices will exceed 50 billion by 2020. How can we as an individuals and organizations capitalize on this opportunity?

This course is a game changer on Internet of Things (IoT), covering both the technical and leadership aspects. The plan for strategic business opportunity on Internet of Things (IoT) needs to be carefully analyzed whether you are a business analyst, technical architect, software engineer, manager, executive, entrepreneur or simply curious on the latest trend.

During this course, participants will discuss Internet of Things (IoT) framework for the digital transformation and IoT strategic leadership. Join this new evolution in sensor, cloud, and big data by registering for this two-day Internet of Things (IoT) intensive overview.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Discover Internet of Things (IoT) landscape and technology stack (IoT vs. Industry IoT)
  • Solid understanding on Internet of Things (IoT) Product Management.
  • Analyze the financial cost consideration on building internal Internet of Things (IoT) vs. a 3rd party vendor.
  • Detailed examination on how data flows through Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and analytics
  • Realize the value of the data collected through sensor devices and learn where the real business and customer value be for your organization lies.
  • Explore the different Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. (Temperature, Proximity, Pressure, Water quality, Chemical/Smoke & Gas, Level, Infrared)

Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • Learn about Internet of Things (IoT) Product Management
  • Discover how Internet of Things (IoT) influences financial cost consideration
  • See how data flows through the IoT though Big Data & Analytics
  • Learn about the different types of IoT sensors (Temperature, Proximity, Pressure,Water quality,Chemical/smoke, Gas , Level and IR)
  • Create a business model for IoT
  • Integrate business model canvas for IoT using Business Model Generation
  • Analyze importance of Big Data & Analytics for IoT
  • Keep up with the latest trends of IoT
  • What is the difference between IoT vs Industry IoT?
  • How are different industries using IoT?
  • Who are users of the IoT business and consumer?
  • How do we identify target users for IoT?
  • What is the technology stack end-to-end behind IoT?
  • What is the strategic product execution for IoT?
  • What is the IoT Business Model?
  • How does data flow through the IoT through big data and analytics?
  • How can we monetize per layer of IoT?
  • How do you integrate a business model canvas for IoT using Business Model Generation?

Who should attend

  • Anyone interested in learning the power of Internet of Things (IoT), including:
  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs

This course is also available publicly via Live Virtual Classroom:

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