Introduction to Java 9/10 Programming for Developers New to OO Programming

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Java 9/10 and OO Programming Essentials for Developers New to OO  is a five-day, hands-on Java training course geared for developers who have little or no prior working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages (such as those working on (C, COBOL, 4GL, etc.)  Throughout the course, students learn the best practices for writing great object-oriented programs in Java 10, using sound development techniques, new improved features for better performance, and new capabilities for addressing rapid application development. Special emphasis is placed on object-oriented concepts and best practices.

Java 9/10 and OO Programming Essentials for Developers New to OO introduces several aspects that were introduced in Java 9 and Java 10, including the Java Modular System and Local Variable Type Inference. Developers leaving this course will be able to participate in projects that are still on Java 8, while they are also ready to move onto projects using Java 10

Note: Students with prior Object-Oriented exposure and background (such as C#, C++, Smalltalk, etc.) should consider the TT2100-J9-10 Java 9/10 Programming for Object-Oriented (OO) Experienced Developers as an alternative.

In this training course, learn how to:

  • Understand what OO programming is and what the advantages of OO are in today’s world
  • Work with objects, classes, and OO implementations
  • Understand the basic concepts of OO such as encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction
  • Understand not only the fundamentals of the Java language, but also its importance, uses, strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the basics of the Java language and how it relates to OO programming and the Object Model
  • Work with the Modular system (Project Jigsaw)
  • Understand and use classes, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Understand and use collections, generics, autoboxing, and enumerations
  • Process large amount of data using Lambda expressions and the Stream APIAbstract, static and private methods in interfaces

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