Introduction to Python Programming

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This Introduction to Python Training course provides insight to the features of Python that make it an excellent choice for projects of virtually any size. It also provides a solid foundation in basic terminology and concepts, extended and built upon throughout the engagement. Processes and best practices are discussed and illustrated through both discussions and group activities. Attending students will be led through a series of topics comprised of integrated lectures, extensive hands-on lab exercises, group discussions, and comprehensive demonstrations.

Understand the uses for Python in software development, testing and systems administration environments

  • How to develop Python applications for a variety of uses
  • Packaging and distribution of Python applications and modules
  • Communicating with a SQL database using Python
  • Use Python for developing automated test scripts

Course Outline

  1. Python Overview and History
  • Why Python?
  • How to run Python applications
  • Python configuration details
  1. Language Basics
  • Program structure
  • Strings
    • Basic operations
    • Slices
    • Formatting
  • Numbers
    • Types
    • Basic arithmetic operations
    • Formatting
    • Conversions
  1. Complex Types and Operators
  • Tuples
  • Lists
    • Tuple and List manipulation
    • Basic operations
  • Dictionary
  • Files
    • Opening
    • Reading
    • Writing
  1. Statements and Control Structures
  • Assignment
  • Expressions
  • ‘If’ statements
  • ‘While’ loops
  • ‘For’ loops
  1. Functions
  • Function Basics
  • Scope rules
  • Arguments
  • Functions as arguments
  1. Modules
  • Module Basics
  • Namespaces
  • Importing and Reloading modules
  1. Classes
  • What is a class?
  • What is an Object?
  • Class basics
  • Writing methods
  1. Advanced Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Operator overloading
  1. DB API
  • DB Interfaces
  • Connecting to the Server
  • Executing SQL Statements
  • Parameterized Statements
  1. NumPy
  • Downloading and installing NumPy
  • Array slicing with NumPy
  • Array arithmetic
  • Numeric functions

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