Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming Training

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Course Description:

This 5-day course introduces new users to the power and convenience of UNIX with emphasis on commonly-used commands and shell features used on the interactive command line, as well as the shell’s variables, nested commands, and programming constructs for conditionals and loops. Focus is on the Bourne, Korn, and BASH shells.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Organize and protect file and directories.
  • Create and modify files using the vi editor.
  • Select lines from files using the powerful Regular Expression data description language.
  • Process data that comes from files, the keyboard, or another executing program.
  • Execute and control jobs in non-interactive (batch) mode in the UNIX background.
  • Use many typing shorthands to enter commandlines and filenames more easily including the command history.
  • Tailor and automate the interactive work environment to facilitate entering commandlines.
  • Create and execute shell programs using nested commands, variables, arguments from the command line, interactive communication with users, loops, and conditional structures.

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