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Earn your SAFe Agilist Certification (SA) and become one of the select group of professionals who have a SAFe certification to back-up their hands-on experience.

The Scaled Agile Framework® (or SAFe® ) is a guide to aligning Agile development throughout an organization. Most organizations focus their Agile development efforts at the team level, first starting with a pilot team and later transitioning individual teams one at a time. Unfortunately, this method fails to fully integrate each team’s efforts with the larger stakeholder need. The Scaled Agile Framework gives you proven techniques to align these teams to work at the larger program level, and ultimately to align multiple programs into a portfolio that maximizes shareholder value.

This two-day SAFe Agilist certification course will show you how to successfully scale Agile principals across your organization by utilizing Lean thinking practices and Product Development Flow techniques. Through Lean Software Development and Product Development Flow, you’ll learn how to create longer programs, called Agile Release Trains, where groups of Agile teams work together to optimize quality and velocity to deliver even greater value for their stakeholders.

In this 2-day class you’ll learn:

  • Lead an enterprise Agile transformation
  • Apply lean thinking techniques at the Team, Program, and Portfolio levels
  • Use Lean, Agile and Product Development Flow principles to improve productivity, employee engagement, time to market and quality.
  • Infuse Agile into your entire organization – not just you IT department
  • Create Agile Release trains that align the efforts of Agile and non-Agile teams to create greater stakeholder value
  • Encourage collaboration across all the layers of your organization to enable teams to deliver complex cross-functional in 10-12 week increments
  • Improve the communication and focus of you organization’s Agile implementation
  • Pass the SAFe Agilist Certification Exam

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Start Date: Apr 22, 2024
End Date: Apr 23, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: May 06, 2024
End Date: May 07, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: May 20, 2024
End Date: May 21, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Jun 03, 2024
End Date: Jun 04, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Jun 24, 2024
End Date: Jun 25, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Jul 15, 2024
End Date: Jul 16, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Jul 29, 2024
End Date: Jul 30, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Aug 12, 2024
End Date: Aug 13, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Aug 26, 2024
End Date: Aug 27, 2024
Price: $795.00
Start Date: Sep 23, 2024
End Date: Sep 24, 2024
Price: $795.00