The Lean Customer Experience (UX) Boot Camp

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Course Overview

Learn how to take your UX to the next level by blending Lean methodologies with developing and testing your UX designs.

In today’s competitive marketplace, where the competition is “only a click away,” you need to provide your prospects and customers with superior user experience (UX).

That’s why we offer this 3-day Lean UX course: to help companies develop products that emotionally resonate with consumers, generate conversions and maximize lifetime value all through the lens of the Lean methodology.  By combining Lean and UX, you will learn how to rapidly evolve your design and use real-world data to create a powerful connection with your users.

  • Quickly build and test strategic UX scenarios
  • Use Design Thinking to optimize for conversions
  • Create productive cross-functional Lean UX teams
  • Run data-driven UX experiments that build a superior customer experience
  • Leverage the principles of Agile software development to generate a “learning” Lean user experience department
  • Develop prototypes to test and rapidly improve your UX ideas
  • Build a scalable UX development process
  • Apply the ideas behind the Lean Startup to build your user base and profitability
  • Employ a technology stack to manage your UX prototypes and tests
  • Analyze user engagement behavior to improve your designs, Understand and design for your “ideal” customers through personas, and Reduce UX development costs

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.  This course may be available in our Public Schedule.