Making Virtual Meetings Effective and Engaging

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Description: This workshop begins with staff completing an assessment to help them determine how engaging and effective their virtual meetings are. The course then provides information on and practice in the essential skills both leaders and participants need to ensure that all virtual meetings are effective. These skills include: how to be a responsible meeting leader and participant, how to run and participate in a problem-solving meeting, and how to facilitate productive discussions in a virtual environment.


  • Identify common virtual meeting problems.
  • Know the reasons for ineffective virtual meetings.
  • Know the types of meetings and how to select the one best suited to the business purpose.
  • Understand the stages of group development and how they affect meeting engagement and productivity.
  • Use a set of guidelines to ensure a productive virtual meeting.
  • Understand the responsibilities of the meeting leader and participants.
  • Know how to run a problem-solving meeting.
  • Be able to facilitate productive discussions.

Time: 1 Day

Course Outline

Introduction – What is the current status of our virtual meetings?

  • Meetings Assessment: Common Meeting Problems
  • Reasons for Ineffective Virtual Meetings


  • Why do we have meetings?
  • Types of Meetings

Understanding Virtual Group Dynamics

  • Stages of Group Development

Making Meetings Work

  • Virtual Meeting Guidelines: How to have a great meeting
  • Meeting Responsibilities: Leader/Participants
  • How to run a virtual problem-solving meeting
  • How to facilitate productive discussions