Managing a Virtual/Distributed Workforce

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Background. Recent experiences resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic have highlighted the requirement for organizations to effectively accomplish assigned missions utilizing a distributed workforce.  Developing leaders who are capable of reinforcing the advantages of distributed workforce operations, while concurrently minimizing the challenges, is of paramount importance.  This directly supports the need for a more agile workforce capable of operating in a distributed environment in both competition and conflict.

Course Objectives.

  • Develop a common understanding of distributed workforce strengths and weaknesses. This will include how to reinforce the strengths while developing strategies to minimize the weaknesses.
  • Highlight effective leadership and management techniques in a distributed workforce environment consistent with leadership principles.
  • Provide best practices on how to manage project objectives and milestones in a distributed environment.
  • Provide best practices on how to develop and lead more effective meetings and organizational touchpoints.
  • Provide best practices on how to maintain organizational culture while operating in this environment.
  • Demonstrate how to develop and effective communication and feedback plan.
  • Highlight effective best practices for how organizations develop a distributed workforce operating plan.
  • Demonstrate through a practical exercise how to design and implement a distributed workforce plan.

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