Managing the Agile Project Lifecycle

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Course Description:

This 4-day course explores how adapting Agile values and principles will improve product development within an enterprise. It contrasts traditional SDLC methods with the most popular Agile methods to set the stage for benchmarking performance. Then it introduces a comprehensive set of Agile techniques and practices, and gives attendees the opportunity to simulate an end-to-end project while using them. Attendees discuss significant issues such as how to transition traditional IT roles (development, business analysis, testing and project management), and how to work with new roles (ScrumMaster and Product Owner).

What You’ll Learn:

  • Ensure your project delivers required functionality with less waste, and adds value to the business
  • Plan, manage and close requirements at every development stage
  • Minimize project uncertainty and risk with improved estimating and planning
  • Create an environment of self-management for your team so that they will be able to continuously align the delivered product with desired business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process
  • Measure, evaluate and communicate status based on working, tested software, while creating higher visibility and accountability into the process

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