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Course Overview

Increase revenue, track marketing initiatives better, generate and nurture leads, align sales and marketing and integrate all your systems to create a powerful automated marketing system.

As a marketer, you are under pressure to perform. You need to plan and execute campaigns that generate leads for your sales team, and you have to do it with a limited budget that makes it seem impossible to accomplish. This is where marketing automation can help.

With marketing automation, you accomplish more while making your marketing campaigns more relevant to the needs of your target audience. It improves efficiency and effectiveness. But what is marketing automation? And, more importantly, how can you get started with it?

In this 3-day class, we will introduce you to marketing automation, explain the concepts of the inbound marketing methodology and show you how to develop a roadmap for introducing marketing automation in your organization. You will also get a glimpse of different options for marketing automation platforms and learn benefits and drawbacks to help guide you to the right decision for your organization.

  • Learn to integrate marketing automation into your current marketing processes, including how to implement changes and connect with your website
  • Understand how to measure your marketing automation efforts and report the results of weekly and monthly sprints to your management team
  • Improve marketing’s visibility and alignment with your organization’s business and sales goals
  • Learn what marketing automation campaigns to create and how to build each one from the ground up, including trickle campaigns
  • Create a centralized marketing platform that allows you to manage all marketing activities and email delivery within one tool
  • Understand the essentials behind lead scoring/nurturing. Learn the best way to identify and capture the right kinds of leads that convert into sales
  • Understand how marketing automation helps you convert anonymous website visitors into sales-ready leads
  • Learn how to execute complex marketing campaigns in hours, not weeks
  • Determine how to smoothly transition and integrate your current systems with your marketing automation plan, including IT systems, customer relationship managers, current email providers and any other databases used in your organization
  • Learn where to attribute ROI and how to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.  This course may be available on our Public Schedule.