Mastering the Art of Interpersonal Communication

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More than 80% of people who fail at their jobs do so because of poor interpersonal communication. Clear communication and effective listening improve productivity and efficiency while fostering higher morale. Attendees of this two-day course will gain insight into human behavior and motivation, learn how to deal with difficult people and situations, and become aware of how to improve their listening efficiency.

Specifically, course objectives for “Interpersonal Communication” include:

  • Understand your own and others’ behavior (Using the Personal Profile System®, attendees will identify their personality tendencies and learn how to recognize and communicate with people who possess differing tendencies).
  • Practice the Golden Rule Rethought (Superb interpersonal skills are based on re-thinking the Golden Rule–doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves).
  • Master active and empathetic listening skills.
  • Learn win-win communication approaches that reduce conflict and allow for “agreeable disagreements.”
  • Learn to deal with difficult people and situations.
  • Set goals to activate and to reinforce the training.

(Recommended length: 1-2 days)