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The complete Microsoft 365 training course for Power Users! Everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 and all of its capabilities are covered in this very comprehensive class. Students will leave knowing how to use Microsoft 365 to best organize content, manage documents, plan projects, collaborate with employees and vendors, and more effectively work together!

Starting with SharePoint, students will learn how to create and customize SharePoint sites, organize data with SharePoint Lists, utilize document management features, and automate business processes with workflows.

What You’ll Learn:

  • OneDrive – organizing your personal documents and syncing with Microsoft 365
  • Office Groups – create groups to collaborate on documents, shared emails, notes, and more!
  • Office Planner – awesome tool for managing tasks and projects
  • Microsoft Teams – using desktop and mobile apps, organize your teams and help them be more effective than ever
  • Sway – design and create good looking stories and presentations
  • Social features of Microsoft 365
  • Skype for Business – instant chat with team members, meeting, audio/video, and more
  • Email – organize your emails, setup your options, and utilizing Outlook for the web

Course Outline:

  1. Overview of Microsoft 365
    • What is Microsoft 365
    • Service Overview – What are all the Components of Microsoft 365?
    • Licensing Options
    • Requirements and Tools
  1. Getting Started
    • Logging In
    • Setting up your Profile
    • Installing Microsoft Professional Plus
    • Mobile Applications
    • Labs
      • Setup your profile
      • Download and configure mobile apps
  1. SharePoint Overview
    • Architecture
    • Manage Data with Lists
    • Document Management
    • Security and Permissions
    • Workflows
    • Designing Sites with Web Parts
    • Labs
      • Creating SharePoint Sites
      • Creating out-of-box and custom Lists
      • Managing Documents
      • Creating Workflows
      • Designing a Site
  1. Managing Documents with OneDrive
    • Setting up your OneDrive and Sync
    • Managing Documents with OneDrive
    • Managing Videos with Microsoft 365
    • Labs
      • OneDrive Setup
      • Sync, adding, and editing documents
  1. Managing Projects & Tasks with Planner
    • Overview and Architecture
    • Creating new Plans
    • Permissions and Member management
    • Adding Tasks
    • Customizing the board
    • Managing files and documents with your Plan
    • Shared Emails and OneNote
    • Labs
      • Setting up Planner and an initial Plan
      • Configuring Your Plan
      • Adding Tasks, Assigning Work, and Tracking Progress
  1. Using Email
    • Setting up your Email Options
    • Using the Outlook Web Access
    • Labs
      • Configuring Email Options
      • Using email features
      • Outlook Desktop and Web (OWA) Setup
  1. Communicating with Skype for Business
    • Configuring Skype
    • Building your Contact Lists
    • Using Chat
    • Using Meeting functions
    • Using Audio, Video, and Screensharing
    • Labs
      • Using Skype
      • Creating and running Audio and Video Meetings
  1. Using Microsoft 365 Groups
    • Overview
    • Creating a Group
    • Managing shared emails
    • Managing Documents with your Group
    • Customizing your Group and Permissions
    • Labs
      • Setting up your first Group
      • Managing documents and conversations in Groups
      • Customizing your Group
  1. Using Microsoft Teams
    • Setting up Microsoft Teams
    • Organizing your Teams
    • Using Instant Chat Features and Bots
    • Connecting to Other Services and Configuring Tabs
    • Integrating with Microsoft 365 Groups and Planner
    • Customizing your Team
    • Labs
      • Installing Teams
      • Mobile Access
      • Setting up a Team
      • Customizing your Team
  1. Social Features in Microsoft 365
    • Setting up your Profile
    • Finding other employees
    • Yammer
    • Newsfeeds
    • Community Sites
    • Blogs
    • Sway
    • Labs
      • Using Yammer
      • Using Newsfeeds
      • Creating Community Sites
      • Creating a blog
      • Building a presentation with Sway

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