Problem Determination and Root Cause Analysis

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Course Abstract:

This is a 2-day class.  Business success is dependent on effective resolution of the problems that present themselves every day. Often the same or similar problems continue causing repeated losses in time or money and your staff become experts at fixing rather than preventing the problems. Learn to find and fix root causes and develop corrective actions that will effectively eliminate or control these problems. Excellent problem determination skills cannot be acquired simply by reading a book. They mostly come from experience as well as discipline. After this course, you should have a general understanding of a structured problem determination approach, which you can then apply in your daily work to gain more experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify the different types of problems
  • Prepare for problem determination
  • Demonstrate how to collect data through interviews and analysis
  • Adopt a systematic and thorough approach to dealing with problems
  • Develop a process to identify systemic problem areas

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