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Regardless of your industry, you are rated on how well you get results. Your ability to communicate clearly with others, to give results oriented feedback and to adapt to the personality style of others will enhance your success. Communication that brings teams together is a talent required for managers and independent contributors. It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent contributor or a manager, everyone in the organization can benefit from honing their communication skills to drive the highest results.

Course Description: This one-day course is designed for people who work on collaborative teams or manage teams directly or indirectly. Through a series of presentations, exercises, case studies and activities, learners will discover how to improve their interpersonal communications. There are several opportunities to practice providing feedback and adapting to the style of the recipient.

Topics List

  • Core communication skills
  • Active Listening
  • Constructive vs. Reinforcing feedback
  • Ladders of Inference
  • Personality styles
  • Barriers to Communication
  • BRIA Feedback Model
  • Interpersonal Communications Model


  1. Foundations of Communication
    1. Recognizing the ingredients of effective communications
    2. Utilizing foundational communication skills
  1. Providing Effective Feedback
    1. Applying feedback in a variety of scenarios
    2. The BRIA feedback model
    3. Differentiating between reinforcing and constructive feedback
    4. Using the communication skills learned to provide effective constructive and reinforcing feedback
  1. Communication Failure
    1. Ways that communications fail
    2. Effective, Efficient, Successful communications
  1. Interpersonal Communications
    1. People Styles
    2. How different styles interact
    3. Definition of interpersonal communications
    4. Practicing the communications model

Who Should Attend: Project managers, department leaders, business managers, functional managers, project team members, project team leads, contractors, supervisors, team members.