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Users that have some basic knowledge of navigating a SharePoint site will find this class the perfect class for learning and building on advanced SharePoint topics required by teams that want to get the full benefit of the powerful tools available in SharePoint. The class begins by teaching the student the first things they need to know about SharePoint. The student will learn what SharePoint is, how companies are using SharePoint, the business value of SharePoint, and a full understanding of using a SharePoint Site to realize the full scope of SharePoint tools to improve how the business communicates.

Students will walk away knowing how to use the out-of-the-box Apps in SharePoint including Lists and Libraries and the advanced features available for information classification and management. The importance of the social features for making data more findable will be explored. How search is affected by user interaction via Tagging and Following will be explained clearly to you. Students will learn how Search is used to find information. This class teaches a great deal of “What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know”.

This class is designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 365 users. Labs are conducted in SharePoint 2013 and will be updated to the SharePoint 2016 environment as of June/July 2016.

Course Objectives

  • The Value of SharePoint and how to tie it to the Corporate Vision
  • Using Lists to create, edit and delete team information such as Tasks and Calendars
  • The importance of Enterprise Content Management and how it empowers Search
  • How to use Views to create reports to find the information you are looking for
  • Architecting Libraries to work on documents with your team more efficiently and how to manage information lifecycle with version control
  • How to classify and categorize your documents
  • How to use Tagging and Following to make information more findable.
  • Using the Newsfeed to brainstorm, discuss and ideate with your team members
  • What a Community is, how to become a member and how to bring value to your team by driving engagement
  • How to create rich and informative Team Site portals by creating pages and utilizing the SharePoint Web Parts

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this class includes users tasked with driving SharePoint from the day-to-day creation and management of information to driving user adoption and engagement. The audience for this class would be the following SharePoint roles:

  • Site Owner
  • Content Editor
  • Information Manager
  • Site Administrator, Site Collection Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Team Supervisor
  • Librarian
  • Any End User who needs a deeper dive into SharePoint

Keep in mind that your organization may have coined its own roles, but these are the commonly used roles within a SharePoint ecosystem. This class is targeted to users as opposed to administrators. The Farm Administrator and SQL DBA roles are not covered in this class.

This course is offered on our public schedule via Live Virtual Classroom:

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