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Spring Web

4 Days Instructor-led

Spring Web is a four-day training course in Web application development. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply the latest in Spring to create Web applications.

Completion of this training entitles the student to receive a free voucher to schedule the exam that is required to become a VMware® SpringSource® Certified Spring Web Application Developer. This training is ideal preparation for the certification exam.

Skills Gained

  • Use the Spring Framework to develop Web applications
  • Use Spring Web Flow to implement stateful interactions
  • Secure Web applications with Spring Security
  • Test Web applications for correctness and performance
  • Create rich Web user interfaces with Ajax and JQuery
  • Use Spring Roo to create a Spring Web application in minutes
  • Use the VMware® SpringSource® Tool Suite and Spring Insight

Who Can Benefit

  • Developers
  • Architects


  • Experience using Java to develop applications
  • Basic understanding of Spring

Please contact us for a detailed course outline.