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Course Description

This course begins with a discussion of the difference between leadership and management, emphasizing that both are necessary for an organization’s success.  Participants learn that, according to leadership expert John Kotter, management is coping with complexity, and leadership is coping with change. Participants learn the essential elements of leadership and management and then engage in focused activities to develop leadership and management skills.

Managers learn how to do the three essential leadership activities: Set direction, Align constituencies, and Motivate and inspire. They then learn about the three core management activities: plan, organize, and control work, which means using performance management tools to work with employees to ensure that they understand and meet required performance and conduct standards. Ultimately, the course focuses on the practical skills managers need to be effective every day.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the difference between management and leadership.
  • Know that effective organizations need both management and leadership.
  • Know how to do the three essential leadership activities:
  1. Set direction
  2. Align constituencies
  3. Motivate and inspire.
  • Know how to do key management activities
  1. Plan – Use performance standards and CSFs to guide performance and behavior.
  2. Organize – Use feedback and listening skills to forge positive relationships.
  3. Control – Use a coaching process to help employees improve performance and meet conduct requirements.
    • Determine when to use management and when to use leadership.

Course Length:  1 day

Course Outline

  1. What is leadership and management?
  2. What leaders really do
  3. Set direction
  4. Align constituencies
  5. Motivate and inspire
  • What is motivation?
  • The Motivation Game
  • Ten Things We Know About Motivation
  • Top Ten Motivators
  • What is the manager’s and leader’s role in fostering motivation and engagement?
  • Activity: How can you foster motivation for your staff?
  • What managers really do

Discussion Best Boss/Worst Boss – What makes an effective manager?

  1. Planning and Organizing – How to use performance standards to ensure employees are clear about what is expected
  2. Controlling
  • What constitutes a conduct problem? A performance problem?
  • How to address conduct and performance problems – Two different approaches
  • Coaching skills for improved performance

Practice – Using STAR to coach for improved performance and conduct

  1. Summary/Action Planning