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Course Description

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) has been a fixture in Lean organizations for decades.  It started with Toyota and the Lean Manufacturing movement and has been widely embraced by Lean organizations of all kinds.  Using VSM within Information Technology is a natural part of our DevOps evolution.  In this value stream mapping training workshop, we interpret and apply the full range of VSM practices and ideas (from lead time and cycle time all the way down to Gemba, Pitch and Takt) to analyzing and improving what we do in IT.

We will begin the workshop by understanding your IT work in terms of Value Streams, then choosing a Value Stream for your teams to collaborate on.  At the end of this workshop, your team will have a complete model of the value stream you address together. (This complete model includes a diagram of your As-Is Value Stream along with problems and improvement opportunities, a To-Be diagram that pictures the ultimate target state for that Value Stream with improvement priorities, performance objectives and measurable goals, and a plan for your first steps in iteratively improving that Value Stream toward that target state.) Guided by an expert, you will visualize workflows, find wastes, and establish improvement priorities. Get your teams connected and leave with a plan for optimizing processes for overall flow, speed and value.

This is not a typical professional classroom experience – it is a working session for your teams. The purpose of the workshop is to get something done; To visually map your value flows and establish common heuristics on value, priority, and waste for everybody involved. Value stream mapping can be a dramatically transformational event – expanding empathy across teams, sharing points of view, and solving gaps in understanding which may be robbing everyone of productivity.

In this Value Stream Mapping Workshop, You Will:

  • Establish a common understanding of mission and objectives
  • Visualize functional areas of work and how they interact
  • Give teams a chance to identify and share their biggest pain points
  • Find root causes for waiting and waste in workflows
  • Discover opportunities for automation and modernization
  • Get coached through a group value stream session by a senior consultant
  • Collaborate with teams in other departments to find hidden dependencies
  • Trace handoffs and waiting times for different phases of work
  • Resolve misunderstandings and misperceptions across different departments
  • Build a description of your desired future state and map a path to get there