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This JIRA training course is a hands-on immersive workshop that teaches you how to effectively manage your Agile projects with JIRA. Align your core Agile principles and ceremonies with one of the most popular Agile project management tools developed by Atlassian: JIRA. It can be used to manage and track your Agile requirements, defects, issues, products, projects and reports all within a single tool.

Whether you are a team leader, Agile manager, ScrumMaster or Product Owner, this course will help you understand the core functionality of JIRA, and allow you to customize the tool to your organization’s software development processes and methodology. From creating projects to managing users, to setting up project views to reviewing reports, this course will set you up to use JIRA for all your agile development projects.

  • Manage Agile projects within JIRA effectively
  • Create Agile projects and manage your team members using JIRA
  • Customize JIRA for your project and program management needs
  • Manage your user stories / requirements / issues and their lifecycle using workflows
  • Configure issue types, schemas, workflows and screens to map your SDLC
  • Run your Agile software development process and ceremonies within JIRA
  • Set up sprints and mange Scrum / Kanban boards as part of your delivery process
  • Handle status updates using customized search and filters
  • Measure and monitor team, product, and release progress using off-the-shelf and customized reports
  • Identify how JIRA can be used in your organization to manage and track work


Any basic Agile course to gain a full knowledge of the methodology and understand the application. Recommended courses include:

  • Agile Boot Camp
  • Agile for Managers
  • Agile for Execs
  • Introduction to Agile
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Product Owner
  • PMI – ACP

Who should attend

  • Agile Practitioners
  • Project Managers
  • ScrumMasters
  • Product Owners
  • Program Managers
  • Analysts
  • Developers / Programmers
  • Testers
  • IT Manager/Directors
  • Customers/Stakeholders
  • Product Managers

This course is also available publicly via Live Virtual Classroom

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