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Course Description:

The Achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certification training program is an intensive, case-study-oriented workshop that is designed for those involved in the ISO/IEC 20000 implementation process and for those who would like to understand what the implementation encompasses in a better manner. The workshop uses practical examples and real-life case studies to guide participants through the implementation route and prepare for the audit.

ISO/IEC 20000 is the international standard for IT service management (ITSM). It defines the requirements for and provides details of the IT service management system (SMS) needed to deliver managed services of an acceptable quality, together with guidance on how to demonstrate conformity with the standard.

This 3-day course is aimed at those wishing to demonstrate a Foundation-level knowledge concerning ISO/IEC 20000 and its use in a typical IT service provider organization. Candidates do not require any formal knowledge of ITSM. The course is delivered in a way that includes sufficient generic ITSM content to allow ISO/IEC 20000 to be understood in the context of how the standard operates in a typical IT service provider organization.

The APMG certification exam, which is a multiple-choice exam, can be conducted at the end of the course.


Delegates attending the course are required to have a minimum of three years’ experience conducting audits in an IT environment. This may be as a third-party auditor or as an internal auditor for an organization. This qualification will build on basic audit and IT knowledge with regard to the contents of ISO/IEC 20000 and its use.

Learning Objectives:

The candidate should understand the principles of ITSM and the contents of ISO/IEC 20000. Specifically, the candidate should understand:

The background to ISO/IEC 20000

  • The scope and purpose of Parts 1, 2 and 3 of ISO/IEC 20000 and how these can be used
  • The terms and definitions used
  • The fundamental requirements for an SMS and the need for continual improvement
  • The processes, their objectives and key requirements in a typical IT service provider scenario
  • Eligibility and scoping requirements
  • The purpose of internal and external audits, their operation and the associated terminology.
  • The operation of the APMG Certification Scheme


This qualification is aimed at staff working within an ITSM service provider organization who require a basic understanding of the standard. It is equally relevant for those working within service providers, which are already certified to ISO/IEC 20000, or for those considering its implementation.

About the exam:

The exam is a 40 question, multiple choice based exam. Candidates have 1 hour to complete the exam and the pass mark is 65% (26/40). The Foundation exam is a closed book exam.