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Course Description:

This 10-day course will prepare students for the CompTIA A+ 220-801 certification exam. Students will obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to install, build, maintain, and configure personal computers, laptop computers, and printers. They will also learn the principles of physical and TCP/IP networks. Finally, they will learn operational and professional procedures as an IT technician.

This course will prepare students for the CompTIA A+ 220-802 certification exam. Students will learn how to support personal computers, mobile devices, and small networks in a business setting, including hardware and software troubleshooting, Windows installation and configuration, networking, and security. The target student for this course is responsible for maintaining PCs in their workplace, and has already completed the CompTIA A+ Certification, Exam 220-801 (or has equivalent experience)

Course Content:


Unit 1: Motherboards and expansion cards

Unit 2: CPUs and power supplies

Unit 3: Memory and physical storage

Unit 4: Connections

Unit 5: Peripheral devices

Unit 6: Printers

Unit 7: Notebooks

Unit 8: Networking basics

Unit 9: The physical network

Unit 10: Networking protocols

Unit 11: Wireless networking

Unit 12: Professional conduct

Appendix A: Custom configurations

Appendix B: Exam objectives

Appendix C: A+ acronyms


Unit 1: Troubleshooting basics

Unit 2: Client operating systems

Unit 3: Configuring the operating system

Unit 4: Configuring hardware settings

Unit 5: Networking PCs

Unit 6: Authentication and user security

Unit 7: Securing systems and data

Unit 8: Preventative maintenance

Unit 9: Securing networks

Unit 10: Troubleshooting system hardware

Unit 11: Display and printer troubleshooting

Unit 12: Network troubleshooting

Unit 13: Operating system troubleshooting

Unit 14: Mobile devices

Unit 15: Operating system installation and upgrades

Appendix A: CompTIA A+ acronyms

Appendix B: Certification exam objectives map