Cultivating Engagement, Giving Feedback, and Coaching Employees (Supervisory Skills)

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As managers, leaders, and supervisors, we need to be cultivating and building staff talent all year long. Many use a coaching model or a feedback model to develop staff. This is great, but these are only part of the larger picture. To really develop staff, we need to maintain an Ongoing Workplace Conversation (OWC) that begins on the first day of work and continues throughout the employee’s tenure. This OWC comprises three distinct and separate conversations:

  1. Engagement Conversations: how are staff doing? Are they plugged in, excited about the work?
  2. Feedback Conversation: what specific performance changes or tweaks are needed? What behavior needs to be addressed?
  3. Coaching Conversation: how can I help this employee “get out of his or her own way”?

This highly interactive workshop teaches participants when to use each of these conversations and provides tools and guidance on how to use each effectively.

Specific course objectives include the following:

  • Identify the importance of maintaining ongoing workplace conversations (OWC).
  • Differentiate among coaching, engagement, and feedback conversations and adeptly use all three.
  • Understand the role of feedback and open communication in adult learning and motivation.
  • Sharpen your active listening and inquiry skills
  • Practice having engagement conversations,
  • Practice coaching using the GREAT Coaching Model and practice giving and receiving workplace feedback using the BRIE Feedback Model
  • Set personal leadership goals for engaging and coaching your staff.

(Recommended length: 1 to 2 days)