Oracle BIEE 11g Foundation

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Course Summary
The purpose of this 5-day course is to build a comprehensive knowledge on Business Intelligence
Reporting and Developing BI RPD. The training would include the technical procedures required to
facilitate data modeling and other data related activities in OBIEE. It would also cover advance topic
like end to end security module, multi user development environment.

This course content is developed on Oracle BI This course is intended for following Audiences
• Business Analysts
• Report Developers
• Power Users
• Data Modelers
• OBIEE Administrators

Course Benefits

At course completion, students will be able to:
• Define Oracle Business Intelligence and its infrastructure.
• Describe setting up and using OBIEE interface.
• Discuss Data Warehousing and Dimensional Modeling.
• Discuss the OBIEE repository.
• Describe how to construct, validate, and configure the OBIEE repository.
• Test and deploy the OBIEE repository.
• Perform repository modeling.
• Work with multiple data sources.
• Calculate and model level-based measures.
• Implement repository variables.
• Implement Oracle BI.
• Configure BI security.
• Troubleshoot BI performance.
• Install and configure server for MS Office integration.
• Set up BI usage tracking.
• Setup BI MUD Environment

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