Predictive Analytics Data Project Planning

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Course Description

This one-day course focuses on the most chronic and critical failing of the vast majority of advanced analytics implementations: project assessment, planning and design. The analytic professionals who apply the strategic principles conveyed within this course will obtain the rare soft skills to advance and stand out in this competitive practice.

This vendor-neutral course is designed to be taken independently, yet is part of a larger course series that covers an incremental 6-Phase Model Development Methodology for low-risk, high-impact projects. The scope of this course extends to the first phase: Plan.

Beyond lecture and demonstration, this course will actively lead you through structured and comprehensive analytic project design exercises that you can take home and apply. Those who stay for the full series will reference the completed design as the blueprints for full strategic implementation.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the purpose, function and impact of the 6-Phase Model Development Methodology
  • Outline the general implementation of the first phase of the methodology: Plan
  • Define and prioritize primary business objectives and detail the criteria for a successful project results
  • Establish a Three-Step Experimental Design for predictive model development
  • Recognize pitfalls and avoid misleading approaches that cause analytic projects to fall short of their potential
  • Reinforce skills through active participation and a clear implementation roadmap
  • Evaluate this event to qualify subsequent series courses for additional team members to proceed through a common implementation process

Who Should Attend

  • IT Executives And Big Data Directors: CIOs, CAOs, CTOs, Stakeholders, Functional Officers, Technical Directors and Project Managers who desire to shift their deluge of data from liability to asset
  • Line-Of-Business Executives And Functional Managers: Risk Managers, CRM Managers, Public Sector Directors, Business Forecasters, Inventory Flow Analysts, Financial Forecasters, Medical Diagnostic Analysts, Fraud and Loss Prevention Managers, eCommerce Company Executives
  • Data Scientists: Who recognize the importance of complementing their tactical proficiency with a strategic planning and design approach to advanced analytics
  • Technology Planners: Who survey emerging technologies in order to prioritize corporate investment
  • Consultants: Whose competitive environment is intensifying and whose success requires competency with data mining and related emerging information technologies

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