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Course Description:

This 5-day course for Architects, Developers and other Technical Stakeholders begins by covering fundamental integration for those less familiar with the SOA concepts and terminology, and then dives deep into explaining the different architecture variants and the future of integration technologies. Base technologies will be explored along the way, and the structure of SOA Blueprints will be described in detail, as will the intricacies of each component and layer.  Other content includes discovering and comparing traditional and modern SOA driven integration solutions, implementing transaction strategies and process modeling, and getting to grips with EDA developments in SOA.  Finally, this course maps software from vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to the blueprint in order to compare the solutions, and ultimately help you to integrate your own projects successfully.

You will learn the fundamentals of Service Oriented Architecture.  First covering the foundational knowledge needed to design, develop and implement enterprise class SOA solutions, and then digging in to a case study with extensive hands-on labs and exercises.  The labs focus on architecture, techniques, and solutions for building a SOA solution containing two clients, a legacy service and a new SOA service.  Through interaction and modeling, you will gain confidence in your new found knowledge of building practical SOA solutions.

SOA is much more than an architecture, it is a methodology that enables the rapid deployment of business solutions with sufficient flexibility (non-brittleness) to respond to a rapidly changing environment.    We will also demonstrate how SOA will facilitate a 400% increase in new applications development resources.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the fundamentals of SOA
  • Understand the elements of SOA / business integration
  • Understand Data Access Layers
  • Create a Web Wervice

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