Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio 2013 Boot Camp

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Course Description

Team Foundation Server can help you increase your software development speed, while simultaneously delivering more value. Learn how to improve the processes and traceability of your work across the entire software development life cycle with Team Foundation Server (TFS).

From requirements gathering all the way to deploying that code, this course will show you how TFS can help you bring everything together and get better visibility into your projects. Many organizations have tools for project management, tools for testing and others for tracking requirements, but struggle to pull all of this information together. TFS helps you consolidate all of this information to get better visibility, traceability and reporting.

By designing this 4-day TFS course for everyone involved in the software development life cycle, we are able to give you a little bit of everything. Whether you are an executive, a Business Analyst, Developer or Tester, you get to see how it all connects and works together. No matter what methodology you use, this course will teach you how to better track your work and projects using Team Foundation Server. You’ll leave class knowing how to better and more efficiently develop code, while automating the build and deploy process.

Course Objectives:

  • Use powerful work management tools to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize cycles.
  • Use Team Foundation Server to document requirements and build storyboards and wire frames
  • Version control everything – use Team Build and fully manage code repositories including integration with Git and GitHub.
  • Use TFS as a platform for integrating Development and Operations – streamline the IT team to deploy faster with continuous quality improvement.
  • Easily manage test cases, execute test plans and automate testing.
  • Setup and manage the SDLC process in TFS using Agile, SCRUM, CMMI or your own custom process.
  • Identify performance issues quickly with powerful measurement and monitoring.
  • Use TFS and Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate to improve collaboration and increase overall team efficiency.
  • Enforce system architecture with a full suite of architecture tools.
  • Learn to use TFS code analysis and how it enforces coding standards.

Who Should Attend:

This course covers a broad range of topics related to TFS and Visual Studio. The course is targeted to software developers, IT managers, IT Project Managers, Testers, and others involved in the software development process. You do not need to be a programmer to attend this course. Some experience with Visual Studio is beneficial for the version control modules of this course. Invaluable for:

  • Developers
  • Software Managers and Team Leads
  • IT Project Managers
  • Testers
  • Others directly involved in the software development process

This course if also available publicly via Live Virtual Classroom:

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