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This one-day course is designed to introduce participants to techniques and best practices that will allow them to maximize their effectiveness, both at work and at home. It combines recommendations with the opportunity to evaluate how they use their time and where they might make course corrections, especially with regard to “time robbers” and procrastinating behavior. It does not give guidance on or preferences for various time management systems or smart phone applications.

Course Objectives

  • Identify and overcome barriers to personal productivity.
  • Implement strategies to avoid time traps.
  • Schedule time to maximum efficiency.
  • Effectively manage the work and time of employees, as appropriate.
  • Analyze and identify where time is spent and develop a strategy to gain better control.
  • Apply best-use guidance to regular and special meetings.
  • Better manage e-mail to save time and increase productivity.

Six Areas of Focus

  1. Get Clear about Goals
  2. Identify Time Robbers
  3. Manage People and Resources
  4. Make Meetings Meaningful
  5. Manage E-Mail
  6. Set and Pursue Time Management Goals

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