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In today’s business environment, project delivery organizations must deal with inherent resource constraints (e.g., resource availability, limited skill). As a result, organizations must look to external sources to support the project effort. Contracting with outside vendors and providers is the most common mechanism for fulfilling these needs. This course focuses on the phases of vendor management from the “buyer” perspective. It covers key considerations and pitfalls to avoid at all stages of the process, with an emphasis on building solid ongoing relationships with vendors. This session explores the needs assessment, contract requirements, contract types, management and control mechanisms, and lessons learned in project contracting.

Course Description: The Vendor Performance Management course is a one day, instructor-facilitated session designed to introduce attendees to better practices, processes, and techniques that will help the management practitioner identify, evaluate, monitor, and control external resources. Participants will engage in session exercises and learn all aspects of the process. The course will cover a vendor management plan, performance measures and the impact of the various contract types.

Topics List:

  • Develop clear, concise and measurable requirements
  • Understand the appropriate legal and professional relationships between government agencies and vendors
  • Create a plan for evaluating vendor performance
  • Create a plan for effective and appropriate government and vendor communications
  • Identify and plan for effective contract management activities
  • Develop a plan for contract closing activities

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